While vacationing in Alaska with his family, scientist Roger Summers teams with a retired environmentalist to save the world from an impending flash-freezing storm.


    When her plane crashes in the woods, music singer superstar Chelsea angel is pulled to safety by another survivor. But when her rescuer turns out to be a sinister, crazed fan, Chelsea must find a way to escape.


    In this reimagining of Shakespeare’s ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream,’ two married anthropology professors and two of their students set out to find an ancient tiki in the Hawaiian jungle in order to stop the land from being bulldozed. But when a native Shaman doses the group with love flowers, they must find a way to stay focused and find the tiki.


    With her best friend’s wedding in jeopardy, Molly decides to help in any way possible. Unfortunately, this means working with Nick, the best man, to plan the ceremony. Though they don’t initially get along, it doesn’t take long for romance to blossom between the two.


    Anna and Clay are working together to stop the sudden marriage between her aunt and his dad. But in the midst of meddling with the wedding, they begin to fall for each other and start to question if they’ve been wrong all along.


    When she inherits 8 million dollars, Tamara goes to Hawaii where she meets Dario and is instantly swept in a whirlwind romance. But when her friend is attacked and her money is stolen, she takes it upon herself to get revenge.



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