FLUTTER (96 min)

Lindsay Pulsipher, Glenn Morshower, Jesse Plemons, Johnathan Huth Jr.

Nine-year-old Johnathan loves sea monsters and his 300-lb. pet pig Wee Wee. Possessing a wondrous imagination that his young mother JoLynn strives to foster, Johnathan suffers from nystagmus, a condition that makes his eyes flutter. He also has severe narrow angle glaucoma that could result in permanent blindness if untreated.

Left alone to make ends meet while her singer/songwriter husband is away indefinitely, JoLynn must take drastic measures to care for Johnathan. She grows hydroponic marijuana and bakes it into brownies that she secretly feeds him to relieve his painful eye pressure. When she discovers her mother-in-law intends to get custody, JoLynn is forced to make a choice between staying or taking Johnathan away from all that they both know in order to remain together.

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