MANTERA (87 min)

Tomok Shah Indrawan, Kamliaya 0, Mikhail Dorojhkin, Jayson Lee, Kamaliya Mikhail Dorojkin, Saide Dashuk-Nighmatulin, Shiqin Kamal, Taj Addin, Wael Al-Masri

After a security breach in a research lab, prototype weapon system MANTERA (Man-Transformable-Exo-Robotic-Armor) is apparently sabotaged and destroyed. But secretly, the project's leading scientist has shipped a disassembled duplicate to a college student named Azman. When evil forces from the lab unleash dangerous robots in order to retrieve their lost technology, Azman must team up with a secret society to master MANTERA and fight for his life-and the fate of the world.

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