Nfl rush zone

NFL RUSH ZONE (42 x 30 min)

With the NFL and the planet under attack, Ish Taylor is called to action and becomes the first of six Guardians whose duty is to defend the remains of a power source called The Core from master villain, Wild Card, and his robot henchman, Drop Kick. The remains of The Core have been hidden at all 32 National Football League (NFL) stadiums in the form of 32 Megacores. Wild Card was almost successful in stealing all of the Megacores, but Ish made a heroic sacrifice that cost him his powers. Now Sudden Death, a former villain, has returned thirsty for revenge, so the Guardians must step-up their game to restore Ish's powers and keep the world safe. The epic battle has the Guardians defending all 32 Megacores on Earth and beyond!

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