Yo kai watch season 1

YO-KAI WATCH SEASON 1 (26 x 30 min)

Nate is your everyday, ordinary, 12-year-old boy; except for the fact that he has the amazing ability to see Yo-Kai-mischievous spirits who are the real cause of many of life's little annoyances. The Yo-Kai are tricky pranksters, making Nate's life all the more crazy-creating relatable conflict in his life which leads to some hilariously outrageous comedy. However, once he makes a personal connection with them, Nate and the Yo-Kai develop friendships in which they help him whenever need be. Together with his overzealous spirit companion, Whisper, Nate must win over the other Yo-Kai wreaking havoc in his home, school, and social circle.

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