Amanda Clayton, Brandon Barash, Patrika Darbo, Rachel York, Pamela Roylance

Alicia and Ray are overjoyed at the birth of their daughter, Hannah. When Hannah begins showing signs of serious health issues, they’re naturally concerned, and even more so when Alicia’s mom suggests that Hannah shows no resemblance to Alicia or Ray. Alicia and Ray head to the doctor only to find that Hannah is not their baby. Their real daughter had been stolen from the hospital’s nursery hours after she was born and switched with a sick baby. In the search to find their baby, Alicia and Ray discover that their child is at the center of a high-end adoption ring catering to wealthy families all over the world. Desperate to locate their daughter before it’s too late, and with the police caught between rules and red tape, Alicia and Ray set out on their own to find their baby in a dangerous race against time.

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