Haley Webb, James Maslow, Brittany Underwood, Lindsay Hartley, Tommy Savas

Allie Rusch is a tabloid reporter looking for her next big headline story. When she realizes that her childhood friends turned pop stars Caleb Greene and Carson Peet have recently teamed up to work on new music she hatches a plan to spin a story that they have also started dating. She sets up a meeting with their manager, Vivian, to discuss the story, and is shocked when Vivian demands the story be huge in order to produce more record sales. While spending time with Caleb, Allie unexpectedly begins to fall for him herself. As the sparks begin to fly, it becomes harder and harder for her to push the false narrative between him and Carson. With growing pressures from her boss and Vivian, she’ll have to decide whether to pursue her career move or her true love.

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