Arden Belle, Darren Mann, Emily Bader, Arden Belle, Darren Mann, Emily Bader

It is Halloween night in small town USA and a group of high school kids dare to have a party in the old, abandoned house at the edge of town. It's a house that everyone says is haunted. The fun comes to a grinding halt when the kids discover they're trapped inside. Doors no longer lead to the outside, windows won’t break, hallways go around in circles, and something evil is in the house with them. What started out as a dare turns serious as they find themselves psychologically and physically tortured, and the more they try to escape, the worse it gets. At the heart of the haunting is a demonic witch that won’t stop terrorizing them until they are all dead. Will they be able to find the secrets hidden in the house to stop the witch’s wrath, or will they all meet their fate before the night ends?

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