2 YEARS OF LOVE (90 min)

Kayla Ewell, Ryan Merriman

Samantha Grey has her dream life: a strong career in radio with her own relationship advice show, a wonderful husband, John, and supportive friends and family. As happy as she seems, there's only one thing missing from her life-a baby. Although Samantha feels ready for a child, John is scared of the prospect, hoping to secure a job as a working actor first so he can provide for the family. As the couple argues about having a baby, their marriage becomes more and more unsteady. That's when John decides to anonymously call into Samantha's show as Pierre, a French man looking for relationship advice. The more advice she gives, the more connected Samantha feels to Pierre in a way she can't explain. Now, she must decide if her and John can really make it as a couple after all.

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