Nicky Whelan, Brandon Quinn, Rib Hillis, Susan Walters, Dot Marie Jones, Blair Bomar

Pastor Leslie Reynolds (Nicky Whelan) always leads her sermons with one thing in mind, generosity. So her boyfriend John (Rib Hillis) isn’t surprised when date nights are derailed by late night guidance sessions with parishioners. But lately, new town resident Gareth (Brandon Quinn) has been taking up a lot of Leslie’s time. The pastor is worried that the soft-spoken Gareth is being abused by his wife Emma. However, when Emma suddenly goes missing, John starts to suspect that there’s a much darker side to Gareth. Leslie is determined to see the goodness in him, but soon Gareth becomes dangerously possessive of her as his pastor. Will Leslie discover the truth to Gareth’s soul before it’s too late to be saved?

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