FATAL DECEIT (90 minutes)

Zoe McLellan, Stephanie Charles, Chris Dougherty, Stevie Lynn Jones, Marc Erwin, Samantha Colburn, Matthew Pohlkamp, Ryan Madison, Briana Cuoco

After Olivia’s (Zoe McLellan) ex-husband Layne (Matthew Pohlkamp) dies in a mysterious car crash, she moves her family to a new town for a fresh start. Concerned about how her daughter, Hannah (Stevie Lynn Jones), is handling her father’s death, Olivia encourages Hannah to to join their new neighbors when they invite Hannah on their camping trip. But when the neighbors return from their trip without Hannah, they convince OIivia that Hannah never showed up and that they in fact have never even met her. Fearing her daughter is missing and that she is being lied to, Olivia enlists the help of the local police but is surprised to hear that Hannah died in the same car accident as her father and that they believe Olivia has been delusional in dealing with the truth. Certain she is not crazy, Olivia sets out on a mission to find the truth and her missing daughter.

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