Lucia Gomez Robledo, Miguel Brocca, Luis Gatica, Carolina Thomas, Pierre Louis, Ligia Uriarte, Timothy Ryan Hickernell, Sergio Rogalto

Reeling from a recent break up and career frustration, aspiring food blogger, Claire (Lucia Gomez Robledo), sets out on a journey of self-discovery in Mariposa Beach, Mexico after finding a photo album of her mother’s childhood there. Once in Mariposa, Claire connects with many of the locals, including mezcal distillery owner Juan (Luis Gatica)—who once had a summer fling with her mother—and his business partner Chef Antonio (Miguel Brocca). Wanting to follow in her mother’s footsteps, Claire uses her mother’s photo album as a roadmap around the town and co-ops Antonio’s help to find certain “locals only” spots. As the two spend more time together, Antonio shows Claire how to let go of all her expectations and to live in the moment. As their romance blossoms into a passionate night together, reality sets in when Claire receives an exciting job opportunity back in New York. Now, Claire must decide whether to return to her life in the city or take a chance on love.

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