Melina Bartzokis, Micah McNeil, Nick Cassidy, Valentina Izarra, Brandi Huzzie, Amber Lynn Johnson

Delilah (Melina Bartzokis) and her husband Shawn (Nick Cassidy) are overjoyed to leave their chaotic lives in the city behind for a beautiful new smart home in the suburbs. Anxious to put the finishing touches on her new home, Delilah meets Jay (Micah McNeil), the charming the architect of her house, and they instantly hit it off. Delilah is excited about her friendship with Jay and the potential for her new home to put some much-needed distance between her current life and complicated past, but when strange things begin to happen around the house, Delilah questions whether her past has caught up with her. Suspecting someone is in her house, Delilah confides in Jay while Shawn worries she’s slipping into delusions. As more bizarre events take place inside the house, Delilah learns her new friend isn’t who he claims to be and is out for revenge for her past mistake that put his wife in a coma. Now, Delilah and Shawn must fight to escape their safe haven with their lives.

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