Jacqueleine Scislowski, Kate Watson, Christine Prosperi, Paul London, Quinn Hemphill, Demetrius Stear

High school senior Nicole (Jacqueleine Scislowski) is determined to become valedictorian, but she faces stiff competition from a few of her other classmates. When Nicole’s friend, Sarah (Christine Prosperi), suggests they manipulate test scores to give Nicole the higher academic placement, it catapults a chain of events leading to a student’s suicide. Nicole feels responsible and wants to go to the police. However, new evidence arises suggesting the suicide was actually a murder and Nicole must hide the truth in order to avoid looking like a suspect. Things only get worse when other top-ranked students are mysteriously attacked, with all evidence pointing to Nicole as the culprit. Now, she must find the true killer before she’s arrested for a crime she didn’t commit – or become the next murder victim.

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