Anna Marie Dobbins, Lindsay Diann, Jon R Schaefer, Joel Berti

Audrey (Anna Marie Dobbins) has always wanted to be a part of the L.A. Renegades pro-basketball dance squad. Having recently dropped out of college, Audrey tries out for the upcoming season and not only makes the team, but also meets one of the team’s players, Walter (Jon Schaefer). They quickly fall for each other, but when Bailey (Grace Patterson) – a "Renegade Girl" and Walter's ex-girlfriend – is found murdered, the police arrest Walter. Despite the evidence incriminating Walter, Audrey can't believe the man she loves is a murderer. As she starts asking questions, one of her fellow Renegades friends, Tracy (Lindsay Diann), turns up dead under mysterious circumstances. Audrey then realizes her life is also in danger. But as Audrey delves deeper, she uncovers a twisted, lethal conspiracy she never expected involving the team owner and his wife. Now, Audrey must fight to expose the truth – and survive.

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