Kelly Hu, Sylvia Kwan, Patricia Velasquez, Shannen Doherty, Aubrey Cleland, Jane Sibbett, Jamie Kaler, Chad Lindberg

When Brenda (Kelly Hu) is diagnosed with breast cancer, her friend Meg (Patricia Velasquez) encourages Brenda to find Talia (Sylvia Kwan), the baby girl she gave up for adoption years ago. Meanwhile, Talia, a writer, is struggling to come up with her next article at work. When Brenda arrives on Talia’s doorstep, Talia is taken aback but convinces Brenda to start a breast cancer bucket list with the intention of using Brenda’s story for her next article. The bucket list, and her budding relationship with Talia, cause Brenda to live life to the fullest and schedule a mastectomy rather than her initial plan to forgo all treatment. But when Talia’s adoptive mother Diana (Shannen Doherty) discovers Talia has been keeping Brenda a secret, Talia reveals her article idea to ease her shock. Realizing her revelation has hurt Brenda, Talia insists the article is not the only reason she bonded with her and helps Brenda overcome her own childhood trauma. Encouraged to give their relationship—and life—another chance, Brenda commits to survival.

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