ALL FOR HER (86 min)

Adam Huss, Alice Amter, Aisha Kumari

Inspired by a true story. Devina (Aisha Kumari) has always wanted to be a mother. After years of trying and many miscarriages, Devina and her husband, Rick (Adam Huss), have all but given up—until Devina discovers she’s pregnant again with a healthy baby girl. Midway through the pregnancy, though, Devina is weak and short of breath. Adding to her stress is Devina’s mother, Ani (Alice Amter), who is against her being with Rick, let alone having his child. When Devina collapses, she is taken to the hospital and discovers she has a life-threatening blood disorder. Now, with every day possibly being her last, Devina is determined to see the pregnancy to term and deliver her miracle baby. Will Devina’s baby girl survive and have a mommy waiting for her when she arrives?

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