Chaley Rose, Nathan Witte, Rebecca Olson, Luisa d’Oliveira, Jaime Callica

Josie (Chaley Rose) is a hopeless romantic who has zero romantic prospects when she accidentally catches the bouquet at her friend Emma’s (Luisa d’Oliveira) wedding. Unsure what to do, Josie believes the bouquet is a mistake—until she meets handsome lawyer Will (Jaime Callica). Just when it seems Josie has finally found “the one,” her romantic feelings for her best friend, Alex (Nathan Witte), start to resurface. Little does Josie know that Alex also has feelings for her! But when Alex sees Josie getting closer to Will, he accepts a job offer in a different city and writes a love letter to Josie in hopes of getting over her. Realizing Alex also has feelings for her, Josie confesses her love to Alex, and he turns down his job offer to take Josie from “Neverbride” to “Bride-to-Be”!