Brittany S. Hall, Tanisha Long, Crystal-Lee Naomi, Donny Boaz, Rebecca Galarza, Sunny Mabrey, Jibre Hordges, Tracey Bonner

Best friends Parker (Brittany S. Hall), Bailey (Tanisha Long), and Simone (Crystal-Lee Naomi) travel to a luxurious resort to celebrate Parker’s 30th birthday. Their girls trip quickly goes awry though, when they find out their former friend (and Simone’s influencer nemesis), Kate (Rebecca Galarza), is staying at the same resort as them for a sponsorship gig. In the name of celebration, the girls put their differences aside for a night and spend time partying with Kate and the charming hotel owner, Antonio (Donny Boaz). The next morning, the girls wake up hungover in Kate’s suite lacking any recollection of the night before. When they learn Kate fell to her death and they were supposedly the last ones to see her alive, the girls know they are poised as the prime suspects in her murder and are forced to clear their own names by investigating the other suspects at the resort.

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