Kristi McKamie, Lauren Buglioli, Kate Edmonds, Taylor Hanks

Michelle (Kristi McKamie) is excited for her daughter, Quinn (Kate Edmonds), to pledge the same sorority she and her best friend, Stacey (Lauren Buglioli), pledged when they were in college. She is especially happy when Quinn becomes friends with fellow pledge, Lucy (Taylor Hankins). But when Michelle and Stacey start receiving anonymous letters threatening them, Michelle worries a dark secret she shares with Stacey has come to light: When Michelle and Stacey were in college, they forced fellow pledge, Kelly (Holly Tatem), to drink an excessive amount of alcohol, causing Kelly to fall down a flight of stairs, leading to her death. Michelle and Stacey made a pact to keep the incident a secret, but what they didn’t realize is that Kelly had a secret child. After a series of deadly events, Michelle learns Lucy is Kelly’s daughter determined to avenge her mother’s death.

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