Juliana DeStefano, Revell Carpenter, Briana Femia, Carrie Schroeder

Ashley (Revell Carpenter) is a popular high school student in need of a life-saving liver transplant. Her social outcast classmate, Katie (Juliana DeStefano), is her only donor match but is unable to get her lowlife sister and legal guardian Sasha’s (Briana Femia) permission for the surgery. Desperate to help Ashley in hopes of getting access to her perfect life, Katie forges Sasha’s signature on the surgery paperwork. As Ashley and Katie recover from the operation, Ashley and her mom Rena (Carrie Schroeder) treat Katie as if she’s family. But when Sasha learns Katie forged the paperwork and threatens to reveal it as an illegal operation, Katie lies and says Ashley’s family will pay them for the liver donation. As Katie fails to produce the surgery money, Sasha takes matters into her own hands. Outraged, Katie shoves Sasha, killing her but framing it as a drug overdose. With nowhere to go, Katie moves in with Ashley’s family. All is going well until Sasha’s boyfriend, Brett (Conner Floyd), breaks into Ashley’s house seeking the payout Katie never delivered. Suspicious of Katie’s increasingly strange behavior, Ashley begins to question Katie’s motives. Cornered, Katie kidnaps Ashley so she can finally have her perfect life all to herself. Sensing her daughter is in trouble, Rena tracks down Ashley just in time to save her from her deadly donor.

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