#FBF (84 min)

Ashley Judd, Cree Cicchino, Kylee Russell, Emily Skinner

When teenager, Annie (Cree Cicchino), prepares to travel from Florida to her hometown in New Jersey after visiting her dad, she realizes she’s accidentally taken her mother’s (Ashley Judd) laptop instead of her own. While her flight is delayed and her mom is busy speaking at a conference, Annie calls her friends, Trinity (Kylee Russell) and Lindsey (Emily Skinner). The girls encourage Annie to do a little “harmless” online snooping and shopping before her parents notice Annie’s mistake. Annie soon realizes the laptop is everything she needs to be her mom for the day, repair her parents’ marriage, and move them back from Florida. However, when her efforts start to backfire, it’s up to Annie and her friends to put things right.

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