Jennifer Taylor, Julia Terranova, Emily Sweet, Justin C. Schilling, Patrick Cronen

Susan (Jennifer Taylor) is an ambitious realtor determined to close the biggest sale of her career to avoid having to sell the only home her daughter, Heather (Julia Terranova), has ever known. After a full day showing a beautiful home to potential buyers, Natalie (Emily Sweet) and Keith (Justin C. Schilling) arrive after hours just as Susan is preparing to close up the house and have dinner with Heather. With Heather’s encouragement, Susan agrees to go ahead and show the home to the couple while Heather waits. As Susan shows the house, she hears police throughout the neighborhood looking for suspects in a local armed robbery and becomes suspicious of Natalie and Keith. When she notices Keith is bleeding, Susan realizes they are the deadly burglars and tries to rush them out the house. Refusing to leave without a serious payoff, Natalie holds Susan and Heather at gunpoint while Keith struggles to keep their plan in motion. As the night progresses, Susan learns Natalie and Keith are working with neighborhood security guard Darren (Patrick Cronen) to rob wealthy homeowners who have more than they need. Determined to survive and save Heather, Susan must fight back before this becomes the last home she ever shows.

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