Cameron Cipolla, Jazlyn Sward, Le’Priesh Roman, Courtney Fulk, Jonathan Stoddard, Matthew Pohlkamp, Jonni Garro

Annie (Cameron Cipolla) plays lacrosse for a private high school and must maintain good grades to keep her scholarship. But between her parents’ divorce and the stress of school, her grades have been slipping. When popular student, Delia (Jazlyn Sward), befriends Annie, she introduces her to an exclusive clique that spends more time partying than studying, yet still has offers to attend the top universities. Annie learns Delia and her friends are part of a cheating ring led by Principal Whitlock (Matthew Pohlkamp). Determined to bring up her grades, Annie joins the cheating ring and, under its influence, starts a relationship with her lacrosse coach, Mitch (Jonathan Stoddard). Overcome with guilt and concern about getting caught, Annie tries to break free from the group, but Delia uses blackmail to prevent her from leaving and revealing the ring to the rest of the school. Desperate for help, Annie turns to her best friend, Camille (Le’Priesh Roman) and mom to stop Whitlock’s twisted scheme and redeem her reputation before it’s ruined for good.

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