Fiona Gubelmann, Antonio Cayonne, Linda Thorson, Zibby Allen, Michelle Scarabelli, David Kaye, Kurt Long, Keith MacKechnie

Event planner Hazel (Fiona Gubelmann) is planning her sister’s wedding at Rosewood Inn—the historic lakeside property where their parents married—which holds more significance now that their mom has passed away. When Rosewood’s aging owner Simone (Linda Thorson) decides to sell due to a lack of a beneficiary in the family, the wedding gets moved up to the last available slot just three weeks away. Simone’s godson Jared (Antonio Cayonne) comes into town to assist with the sale, and Hazel is frustrated but eventually intrigued by him as they work together preparing the grounds for its last wedding. Through her experiences at Rosewood, Hazel learns to go after what she truly wants in life—from a long overdue promotion at work to finding love. As Simone begins to reconcile with her estranged sister Faye (Michelle Scarabelli), the two begin to wonder if selling is the right choice, especially with the perfect property manager right under their noses.

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