Jackie Moore, April Martucci, Nicolette Langley

Denise (April Martucci) has been working on a new tutoring app but struggling to plan the launch party for her biggest investor, Peter Mason (Eric Roberts). Overwhelmed between work and her home life, Denise distractedly runs into a car belonging to a woman named Molly (Jackie Moore). Denise learns Molly is an event planner and hires her to help her colleague, Ashley, (Veronika Issa) plan the launch party. But Molly quickly begins sabotaging Denise’s venture at every turn—from including a dish containing peanuts despite knowing Peter’s allergy, to posing as Denise’s daughter’s college interviewer. Suspicious of Molly’s behavior, Ashley discovers Molly intentionally altered the catering to harm Peter. She confronts Molly about the incident but is killed before she can go to the police. Molly then attacks Denise’s daughter and reveals she is the childhood friend Denise abandoned. Molly admits she has been posing as a party planner for Denise’s friends and attacking them as payback. Horrified and desperate to save her daughter, Denise fights Molly but only wounds her before she escapes to continue her deadly ruse.

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