Alison Fernandez, Jude Reyes, David Delao

Becky (Alison Fernandez) is a young teen with classic “middle child” problems: overlooked and underappreciated. And now that it’s Christmas, she feels more than ever like no one in her family really knows who she is or actually listens to her. Her mom, Carol (Judy Reyes) is too obsessed with being the town’s newest “Christmas Ambassador”; her dad, Ted (David DeLao), wants her to play flag football (which she hates); her older sister, Olivia (Taylor Castro), is already looking ahead to college; and her younger sister, Lizzy (Sofia Salas), has an uncanny knack for interrupting Becky with her love of unicorns. So, on Christmas Eve, Becky pulls out her grandmother’s old Christmas ornament and makes a wish: that for once her family would truly hear her. Suddenly on Christmas Day, all of her inside thoughts and frustrations begin to spill out as she inadvertently starts telling everyone what she really thinks! Unfiltered and unable to control it, Becky throws her family’s Christmas for a loop. Eventually, though, her family starts to really hear Becky and each other. By the end of the day, Becky’s uncontrollable honesty inspires her family and brings everyone closer together.

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