STAY AWAKE (93 min)

Chrissy Metz, Wyatt Oleff, Fin Argus, Cree Cicchino, Quinn McColgan

Ethan (Wyatt Oleff) and Derek (Fin Argus) have been taking care of their opiate-addicted mother Michelle (Chrissy Metz) for years. They spend most nights looking for her and then escorting her – drugged up and half conscious – home or to the emergency room. Ethan works hard to keep up the appearance of a normal teenager, hanging out with his girlfriend and maintaining good grades; whereas Derek has put his entire life on hold – foregoing a promising acting career and working at a bowling alley to be close to home. The brothers’ worlds shift when Ethan is accepted to a prestigious Ivy League university, and Derek gets a coveted acting audition. The boys, torn between familial responsibility and a desperate desire for freedom, must decide whether to stay in their small hometown to care for their drug-addicted mother, or leave their past behind to pursue their dreams.