Aaron O'Connell, Molly McCook

Christmas is just around the corner and Molly (Molly McCook) is ready to start a business with her best friend when she gets a worrisome call from her father, Fred (John McCook): The family resort chain is going under! Knowing Molly is desperate for investment money, Fred recommends she sell her late mother’s childhood home. To that end, Molly travels to the small town of Peppermint Hollow. When she goes to the house, she finds herself reluctantly becoming attached to the Winter family, especially Noah (Aaron O’Connell). Although she needs the money, she tries to find a way for the family to keep the house. But when the realtor drops off comps to sell the house, Noah becomes upset. It seems like the pair will never speak to each other again, but with a little encouragement from the locals, Molly and Noah rekindle their romance, agree to jump start Molly’s business, and have a spectacular Christmas.

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