A JOB TO DIE FOR (88 min)

Revell Carpenter, Maeve Quinlan, Sarah Voigt, Olivia Rose Larsen

Sadie (Revell Carpenter) is thrilled when she lands her dream job with successful fashion designer Claudia (Maeve Quinlan). Almost instantly, Claudia takes Sadie under her wing in a somewhat motherly fashion, providing Sadie with new clothes, a loaner car, and a place to stay in her luxury penthouse. As Sadie and Claudia forge a new bond, Sadie’s mom, Lynn (Sarah Voigt), becomes wary of their relationship. Sadie and Lynn’s relationship is already strained, and Lynn’s behavior toward Claudia drives a wedge even further between mother and daughter. But when Claudia’s true, eruptive personality starts to show through, Sadie begins to question why all of Claudia’s previous assistants—including her daughter—have disappeared under mysterious circumstances. The more Sadie digs into her boss’s background, the more she becomes concerned that her once-in-a-lifetime job opportunity may have deadly consequences.

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