TAKEN AGAIN (85 min)

Lucie Guest, Jordan Zavisha, Linda Grass, Kelsey Flower, Jayson Therrien

Inspired by true events. Widow and mother Eva (Lucie Guest) suffers from PTSD following an unsolved assault from a year ago. At the time, Eva mysteriously disappeared only to be discovered hours later in her own backyard. Police never fully believed Eva’s kidnapping claim, assuming she was simply an overworked single mom. Since the abduction and her husband Ryan’s death, Eva has been working hard to move on and accepts a new job in a different city; but this does not go over well with her daughters, Sami (Jordan Zavisha) and Grace (Ceilidh MacDonald), and her mother-in-law, Nancy (Linda Grass), who believes Ryan was murdered. After a tense family dinner, Sami checks on Eva and discovers she has disappeared again. Sami pleads with authorities to believe her mom is being targeted, but Nancy only offers up “evidence” that Eva left by choice. Suspicious of Nancy’s intentions, Sami turns to her neighbor Dane (Kelsey Flower) knowing he is one of the few people who believes Eva was abducted a year ago. But the more Sami looks into her mom’s past, the more proof she finds that Eva likely did run off. Meanwhile, Eva is being held captive and is desperately trying to escape. Will she succeed?

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