Nzingha Milu-Beatris Ashford, Anna Marie Dobbins, Shantelle Lee Cuevas, Logan Rudolph

Charly (Nzingha Milu-Beatris Ashford) and Anika (Shantelle Lee Cuevas) are volleyball rivals from opposing teams. Every year, the two teams pull pranks on each other, but things start to get out of hand when Anika’s volleyball partner is found dead. As the season moves forward, Charly becomes the target of some extreme pranks with all signs pointing to Anika as the culprit. But Charly’s own teammates seem suspicious too. Charly only trusts her new friend, Becky (Anna Marie Dobbins), the team’s intern. When Anika and Charly find themselves tied up in a cabin together, the two rivals must figure out who exactly has been coming for them. In a surprise twist, Charly discovers that Becky is Anika’s longtime fan-turned-friend and has been orchestrating everything to help get Anika to be the #1 volleyball player.

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