Mena Suvari, Karla Mosley, Ashley Scott, Tommi Rose, Alexa Sutherland, Alie Urquhart, Aleia Theriza, Jazzy Williams

High school cheerleader Beth (Tommi Rose) has it all: a loyal social media following, the perfect boyfriend, and a near-guarantee to win a cheerleading scholarship to a prestigious college. Beth’s mom and coach, Deb (Mena Suvari), even names her cheer captain, causing the other cheer moms, Marisol (Karla Mosley) and Rebecca (Ashley Scott), to accuse Deb of favoritism. Soon after making captain, though, salacious videos of Beth drinking, doing drugs, and talking badly about the team surface. Beth insists the videos are fake, but her friends and Deb don’t believe her. Determined to prove the videos use deepfake technology, Beth investigates who could be trying to sabotage her. Assuming one of her cheerleading rivals is behind the videos, Beth is horrified when she learns Rebecca helped her daughter, Liv (Alexa Sutherland), make the videos to give her a leg up on the cheerleading scholarship. Will Beth clear her name once and for all? Or is she already too late?

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