Kelcey Mawema, Morgan Taylor Campbell, Camryn Manheim, Sydney Scotia, Calder Stewart

Kayla (Kelcey Mawema) struggles in school and has a difficult relationship with her mom, Karen (Cynthia Bailey) and stepdad Ray (Viv Leacock), which leads them to send her to a “residential behavioral health center.” What they don’t know is that the center is actually a fortified prison for troubled teen girls with inhumane living conditions and traumatizing “therapy” tactics. When Kayla arrives at the facility, she is immediately cut off from the outside world by the strict head of staff, Ms. Connie (Camryn Manheim). With no way to tell her parents the truth about the center, Kayla bonds with fellow student, Amanda (Morgan Taylor Campbell). The two girls help each other cope with their hopeless, terrifying situation and do their best to look out for one another. But when Amanda becomes seriously ill and is refused medical attention, Kayla takes matters into her own hands and contacts Amanda’s mother so they can finally escape this prison disguised as a safe haven.

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