Skye Townsend, Jaime Callica, Kajuana Shuford-Marie, Diesel Madkins, Deja Dee, Cocoa Brown

Ambitious small business owners, Tara (Skye Townsend) and Tre (Jaime M. Callica), crash the wealthy Everett Family’s holiday party to weasel their way into their inner circle: Tara connects with patriarch Elliott (Diesel Madkins) in hopes of securing an investment for her app, and Tre meets with daughter London (Kajuana S. Marie), who can help jumpstart his fashion brand. The duo charms the family and is invited to the Everett estate for Christmas, where Tara and Tre develop deeper friendships within the family. But just when Tara and Tre’s goals seem accomplished, their true identities are revealed! Initially angry about being lied to, the Everett family agrees that Tara and Tre’s talent and friendship mean more than how they infiltrated the family. Surrounded by new friends with bright futures ahead, Tara and Tre cement their budding romance with a kiss.

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