Novi Brown, Todd Anthony, Lala Milan, Karan Kendrick, Kendra Johnson, Lamar Stewart, Rico Ball

Friends since childhood, Noelle (Novi Brown) and Terrance’s (Todd Anthony) picture-perfect relationship comes to a mutual end when Terrance moves to London for work, and Noelle stays behind to focus on her career as a publisher. One year later Terrance returns for Christmas break with his all-too-perfect girlfriend, who is also named Noelle but goes by “Elle” (Lala Milan). Encouraged by her sister, Noelle hatches a plan to win Terrance back, but ultimately finds herself liking Elle as the two women begin helping one another “level up” their careers. When Noelle’s true feelings are inevitably revealed, everyone’s relationships falter, and a big promotion is put into question. Now Noelle must repair her friendships with Terrance and Elle—and her opportunity to level up at work—before it’s too late.

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