Shemeka Wright, Kia Dorsey, Katelin Chesna, Tori Griffith, Justin Berti, John J. Jordan

Following the death of her husband, Michelle (Shemeka Wright) and her daughter, Norah (Kia Dorsey), move into a new condo for a fresh start. At first, everything seems to be going well as they make friends with fellow mother-daughter tenants, Helene (Katelin Chesna) and Channing (Tori Griffith). The foursome’s newfound friendship immediately irritates the gruff maintenance worker, who doesn’t hide his disdain for the ladies. However, building contractor Josh (Justin Berti) takes a liking to Michelle, and the two quickly begin dating. Meanwhile, troubled Channing has taken Norah under her wing at school, but has grown jealous of Norah’s success on the soccer field, new friendships, and budding relationship with Channing’s ex. Uncomfortable with Channing’s increasingly possessive behavior, Norah struggles to distance herself from Channing. Matters only get worse as Michelle and Norah are threatened with increasing intensity, from Norah being hit by a car to Michelle’s condo being vandalized. Certain someone will do whatever it takes to get them out of the building, Michelle and Norah work together to figure out who has been targeting them, not realizing just how close the culprit has been all along.

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