Noémi VanSlyke, Laurie Fortier, Amanda Victoria Jones, Nathan Kohnen, Tyler Harlow, Brooke Maroon

Natalie (Noémi VanSlyke) is starting her senior year of high school when her mom Caroline (Laurie Fortier) transfers her to another high school to escape bad influences. As Natalie acclimates to her new school, she meets her handsome teacher, Mr. Rex, (Tyler Harlow) along with jock Jake, (Nathan Kohnen), cheer captain Madison (Amanda Jones), and mean girl cheerleader, Viv (Brooke Maroon). When Natalie makes the elite cheer squad, she and Caroline believe Natalie is finally settling into her new life—a life that Natalie documents in her diary. As Natalie becomes more entrenched in cheerleading, she is quickly introduced to a world of reckless behavior, which results in Viv’s sudden death. Knowing another cheerleader died just before Natalie joined the squad, she becomes concerned that Viv’s death wasn’t an accident and writes her suspicions in her diary. But when her diary goes missing, Natalie discovers that her entries have been edited out of context onto a social media profile called “Secret Diary of a Cheerleader,” making it seem like she not only slept with Mr. Rex, but also killed her fellow cheerleaders. With everyone turning against her daughter, Caroline must intervene to help defend Natalie and prove her innocence.