Malone Thomas, Chris Cimperman

Hopeless romantic Caroline Spencer (Malone Thomas) dreams of leaving her simple life behind to become a romance novelist but lacks the courage to go after what she truly wants. She also aspires to have a relationship that’s straight out of a romance novel, so she co-hosts a weekly book club with her best friend and biggest supporter Guy Sparks (Chris Cimperman), not realizing Guy has long held feelings for her. One morning after a particularly lovesick evening, Caroline decides to skip work to replace a copy of the latest novel she’s reading after her dog destroyed it. Realizing her usual bookstore is closed, Caroline stumbles across a new, mysterious store managed by an eccentric man who, upon learning Caroline’s love of romance, sells her a very special old book. Little does Caroline know that the stories in the book will come to life! As the love stories in the old book become her reality, Caroline is inspired to write her own novel and even starts to fall for one of the characters from the special book. In the end, Caroline realizes Guy is her one true love and that she can have romance in both her professional and personal life.

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