Tiya Sircar, Marc Bendavid, Duff Goldman, Sugith Varughese, Karen Glave, Kyana Teresa, Maja Vujivic, Fereshteh Samimi, Alison Brooks

When New York City architect, Hazel (Tiya Sircar), learns she didn’t get her dream job, her godmother encourages Hazel to return home for Christmas and reconnect with her father, Ted (Sugith Varughese). Shortly after her arrival, Hazel discovers her father has been struggling to keep their family bakery afloat since her mother’s passing—especially with the popularity of Hazel’s high school rival, Shelby’s (Kyana Teresa), bakery. Determined to preserve her mother’s legacy, Hazel partners with the handsome new assistant baker, James (Marc Bendavid), to compete in Chicago’s famous holiday gingerbread competition. Hosted by legendary baker Mark Clemmons (Duff Goldman), Hazel hopes to win the $100,000 prize to save her family’s bakery. In the process of baking the perfect gingerbread masterpiece, Hazel and James butt heads but eventually see eye to eye and fall for each other. But as tensions between Hazel and Shelby reach a breaking point, Hazel remembers what is most important in life and decides to stay in her hometown with her family, James, and new friend Shelby.

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