Alexandra Augustine, Brett Geddes, Stephanie Herrera

Following news of her stepmother Avery’s death, Sloane Harrington (Alexandra Augustine) returns to her family manor for the first time since she abruptly left years ago. She is greeted by her brother, David (Brett Geddes), their housekeeper, Wendy (Stephanie Herrera), and her selfish stepsiblings, Blake (Bradley Hamilton) and Lexi (Paige Evans). When the family’s will reveals that Lexi is the majority inheritor, Blake is outraged, and Lexi soon turns up dead. Knowing how badly Blake wanted to inherit the family’s firm, Sloane believes he is responsible for Lexi’s sudden death—until Blake dies of an apparent suicide. Determined to figure out who is killing her family members one by one, Sloane learns that Wendy and David have been having an affair and orchestrated the murders so that Wendy could finally become a true member of the Harrington family and share in their wealth. Desperate to stop the killings, Sloane offers David and Wendy a chance to atone for their actions, but they refuse to give in, leaving Sloane the sole survivor of her family.