Katie Stevens, Victor Rasuk, Monica Garcia Bradley, Bobbie Eakes, Ben Napier, Erin Napier

When ambitious property stager Melissa (Katie Stevens) returns to her hometown for her mom’s wedding, she is blindsided by the news that her mother is selling the house in which she grew up—and her realtor is none other than David (Victor Rasuk), the guy she had a crush on all throughout school. Determined to stage and sell her mother’s home to the right buyer, Melissa agrees to work with David. Although Melissa’s clean, modern style clashes with the small-town charm David thinks will sell the house, they agree that the addition of custom pieces—uniquely crafted by David’s artisan friends, Henry and Sarah Wright (Ben and Erin Napier)—will add warmth and character to the space. As Melissa and David transform the home, the undeniable sparks between them rekindle feelings Melissa thought were long past. But since her career dreams are elsewhere and David is settled in her hometown, could their budding romance be over before it even starts?

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