Brianna Cohen, Alexander C Trumble, Lauren McCullough, Roberto Carlos Meré

Inspired by a true story. Kat (Brianna Cohen) and Richard (Alexander C. Trumble) are moving to a new town when Kat receives a call from a woman claiming to have been in a relationship with Richard. Richard quickly explains that the woman is one of his former patients who suffers from mental health issues, and Kat believes him. Weeks later, though, Kat begins questioning Richard’s whereabouts when she finds out he isn’t at work, but Richard again has a plausible explanation. As Kat continues to question Richard, he manipulates their conversations, accusing her of mistrust and claiming her delusions are a side effect of the sleeping pills she’s been taking. Just when Kat begins doubting her own mental state, her detective friend, Marcos (Chuck Meré), begins investigating Richard and finds that he has been cheating on Kat with their overly friendly neighbor, Vivienne (Lauren McCullough). Furious, Kat confronts Richard, and they get into an altercation. Once in court, Richard continues to manipulate facts by framing Kat as the prime suspect in the murder of the former patient who called their home weeks prior. As Kat discovers the ugly truth about Richard, she must find a way to absolve herself of a crime she didn’t commit and expose Richard once and for all before it’s too late.