DON'T LOOK BACK (85 min)

Cassidy Freeman, Kate Burton, Lucy Griffiths, Tyler Jacob Moore

After the death of her grandmother, successful children's book author Nora heads home to a small cabin in Idyllwild to settle the estate. At first, the solitude helps in penning the newest book in her popular Veronica series, but returning to her childhood home isn't an entirely pleasant affair. There are people-- and memories-- that Nora was anxious to leave behind when she escaped years ago. As Nora struggles with facing the dark history she tried to forget, she gets a ray of hope in new friend Peyton, a free-spirited wild child who finagles renting a room in the cabin. Peyton seems to be just what the doctor ordered... until Nora realizes that people from her past are beginning to disappear. People she's told Peyton secrets about. It isn't long before tensions in the cabin build, and Nora has to face the harsh reality that her new roommate might be dangerous... and that Peyton's idea of cleaning up Nora's past could be deadly.

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