Brooke White, Christian Campbell, Mercedes Ruehl, Michael Barbuto

It's been 15 years since the wildly successful superstar band The Banners broke up. Since then, the band members - three siblings - have all gone their separate ways. Desiree is a songwriter in Los Angeles. Her older brother (and ex-lead singer) Mitchell has never quite moved on from his glory days. Youngest sibling Danny is married with two kids, living not too far from their hometown of Pinewood Grove - a small, charming town that has fallen on hard times. But when Mom summons her children back to Pinewood Grove (where she's mayor), the three siblings are back in each other's lives for the first time since their last gig. Mom has started spreading the word that The Banners are going to play a charity event in town to help save Pinewood Grove. The siblings have to fight through old bruises and egos to get back into their groove. By forming the band again, the Banner children finally get the reconciliation they've been avoiding for 15 years... and just might save their hometown in the process.

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