FATAL FLIP (90 min)

Dominique Swain, Michael Steger, Mike Faiola, Tatyana Ali

Jeff and Alex have just purchased their first property to flip, maxing out their credit and placing them on a tight deadline before their first mortgage payment is due. To save costs, the couple decides to take on a third party to renovate the property with the promise of payment after they've sold the home. They settle on freelance carpenter Nate, who initially seems like a godsend. Jeff, however, becomes suspicious of Nate's handyman abilities and growing affection for Alex. With the deadline for the mortgage looming, Nate and Alex bond over the remaining tasks, which drives a wedge into Jeff and Alex's relationship. But as the couple comes to realize that Nate has sinister intentions, will it be too late to correct their error in judgment, or will they be forced to defend their property and lives in a flip showdown to the death?

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