Chazz Palminteri, Teri Polo, Tia Carrere

After losing her son in a car crash, Brooke Holton's life goes into a tailspin. She blames herself (she was distracted by her Blackberry while driving) and turns to alcohol to help her cope with the loss and the feelings of guilt. Brooke starts behaving erratically both at work and at home, forgetting that her husband and young daughter still need her. When she is suddenly kidnapped and held for ransom, Brooke realizes that her only chance of survival is to finally take back control of her life. What Brooke doesn't know is that her husband and her best friend are behind the kidnapping. They felt this set-up was the only way to sober her up and make her realize that life is still worth living. When Brooke finds out that they deliberately put her through this traumatizing ordeal, she is furious. Will Brooke see things their way and choose to forgive them, or will their betrayal send her back to her old ways?

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