THE TWIN (90 min)

Timothy Granaderos, Jess Gabor, Mark Lindsay Chapman, Brigid Brannagh

Jocelyn’s boyfriend Tyler is absolutely perfect—gorgeous, smart, kind. Even her mom, Ashley, has to admit that Tyler is a gentleman. And though they haven’t been as close since Jocelyn moved out for college, Ashley is glad that her daughter has found someone to help ease the transition. But suddenly, Tyler’s behavior shifts. He’s no longer the courteous man he once was, and Jocelyn is unsure why. Suddenly, Ashley gets a call from a mental hospital from the real Tyler explaining that Jocelyn is with his twin brother, Derek—a psychotic killer that arranged an escape and switched places with him. With Derek and Jocelyn nowhere to be found, Ashley fears the worst. Can she track down her daughter from the psychopath before his sick vision of revenge is realized? Or will Derek embrace his new lease on life and escape for good?

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