Heather McComb, Joey Lawrence, Emma Fuhrmann

Jealous of the attention her best friend is getting after sending risqué selfies, 14-year-old Regan decides to send one to Nate, the cute 22-year- old she’s recently met. As Regan and Nate become fast friends and start chatting more and more, Regan’s parents begin to notice a change in her personality. In an attempt to keep her from doing something she regrets, they become much more strict. When she tells Nate she wants to stop hanging out with him because she’s tired of getting in trouble, his friendly persona quickly turns manic and he takes her in his car against her will. Obsessed and unrelenting, Nate will stop at nothing to have Regan for himself. Her parents must quickly make sense of the scattered clues Regan has left behind to save her before she disappears forever.

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