Kiersten Warren, Federico Dordei, Francesca Eastwood

Fifteen years after Jane Doe was left for dead in a ditch, she has moved on and created a life for herself, suppressing the mysteries of her past. However, when Sylvia Knowles, a multimillionaire from New York contacts her and claims to be her mother, everything changes. Jane agrees to meet Sylvia, and when Sylvia invites Jane to stay at the family estate, she accepts. The family home is impressive, but the longer Jane stays, the more unusual things become: she catches the maid snooping, sees a mysterious young girl roaming the estate, and she learns that her father did not die of natural causes-he committed suicide. As Jane is forced to confront the demons of a past she wasn't supposed to remember, she finds herself in the middle of a murderous plot to seize the family fortune fifteen years in the making.

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